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By - Douglas

So What’s in the guitar case?

If you are just getting interested in guitar playing or you’ve been playing a borrowed/hire one and now want to purchase one, here is what to check out for.

The bag or case

Just like other musical instruments, the guitar is a fragile instrument that needs to be taken care of. The first place to start is to ensure that it is always in its case whenever not in use. This means that when you buy it the first day it should be enclosed!

Why is the case so important anyway?

It protects the strings from snapping anything and thereby breaking.

Exposure to too much heat could result in expansion thus messing up with the tune. In the long run, you might notice you guitar taking a bow shape. This often times results in  of the fingerboard.

People love music even though they may not know how to create or play. Keeping your guitar exposed makes it vulnerable to touch by any onlooker (children and adults alike). They might never have had any bad intentions but if they don’t know how it works, you’ll find someone experimenting with the tuning pegs, trying to strum like a pro. You and I know where that can lead! As much as possible and as a Dowe’s music rule, “Keep all instruments away from the reach of non-instrumentalists until they learn a thing.”

Your guitar will last longer if the exposure to scratches is minimized. A case does this fine enough.

Inside the case

Of course the content will have the guitar.

Let’s look at the accessories of the instrument.

Tuning pegs:

Shouldn’t be touched if you haven’t learn’t how to tune.Depending on where you buy, they could be metallic or plastic headed. I prefer metallic.






Depending on the type of guitar, the strings should be enough for the guitar. Except for the bass guitar, most usually require 6 strings which differ in width.



A gadget used to transpose. Just a reminder that it’s not wise to use this a short-cut of playing the barre-chords. I personally use Capo to achieve a particular tone in music that may not come out clearly with barre- chords. I repeat, use capo only as a preference.




This will help you big-time in strumming and picking. Always check the right width before buying. I’m a bit hard on guitar so my preference will always be thicker stuff. If you are soft, do just the opposite of me.


For connecting to the amplifier for performance where P.A is needed.


Necessary for acoustic guitars especially when you are playing before a large crowd.


Well, we can play guitar while seated on a chair but in many cases we want to move around, psyche up the audience or dance to the tune. In that case, the strap saves the day.


You need this all the time just to ensure you are playing the songs in the right key. The sound you get when one string is off the tune is really ugly. I detest the feeling. Let me hope you do too. Thanks to technology, modern guitars have tuners fitted on the sides of the resonator.

Thanks for reading through. More to come.

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