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By - Douglas

Harp of the Soul

There was a time a song could make me cry, could make me sleep, could make me laugh, get me inspired but I always yearned for all of them in one package. The want became the need until when I sang that all felt right and that’s the beauty of good music. “Your body is the harp of your soul.

By - Douglas

Music Production

It is with great joy that we announce a fully operational studio that started late 2016. Thanks the almighty God for providence as well as your constant support. So far we’ve had a number of artistes coming over, some recording their first singles, others testing mics, vocals e.t.c. Well this means that this year will be full of activities ranging

By - Douglas

So What’s in the guitar case?

If you are just getting interested in guitar playing or you’ve been playing a borrowed/hire one and now want to purchase one, here is what to check out for. The bag or case Just like other musical instruments, the guitar is a fragile instrument that needs to be taken care of. The first place to start is to ensure that

By - Douglas

Violin: Where It Begins

In our beginner class, you’ll learn the following: Right posture for violin playing Parts of the violin How to hold the bow. From here, the learner is introduced to the first variation of Twinkle Little star. In the video below, you can tell that this is actually the first day that the kids are learning this. The variation is simple

By - Douglas

Blending: Transposing and Concert Instruments

Having trouble knowing what you should be playing with your buddies who have transposing instruments like the Piano, Violin? Download A guide to Transposing and Concert Instrument Keys

By - Douglas

Guitar Chords

Scales should never scare you. I know they won’t, especially after reading this post. Here are a few thoughts that might get you to the next level of your playing. Nothing feels worse than knowing chords here and there but can’t tell why they exist wherever they do. To get a pdf.file for offline reading  Download here  

By - Douglas

Parts of The Violin

If you are planning to buy a new violin or have just purchased one you might want to check that the following accessories are available: First of all, the violin should be in its case.     Inside The Violin Case Two bows Rosin for rubbing on the horse hair to improve friction. The bow is ineffective without the rosin.

By - Douglas

Stagnant Musically?

Ever been at that point where you feel like there’s nothing more to learn in Music? Ironically, when you hear someone else play say guitar or Piano for you sure can tell that they are playing notes you’ve never played. So you have to keep watching or listening and copy them. Well, you’re not alone. I have been there. Yes,

By - Douglas

Dream about Africa

What’s your dream about Africa? Where do you want it to be years to come? Do you think what’s happening around today will see us achieve our dream? These are some of the questions that have been disturbing me since when I can recall. In 2015 , I decided to take it to action. I wrote down a few songs

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